Keep your Construction Site Safe with Temporary Construction Fence

Construction sites can be dangerous when safety precautions are overlooked. This is especially true for someone who happens to wander onto a site.  From holes in the ground to sharp objects, construction sites pose risks for wandering individuals. Installing a temporary construction fence is an investment that helps reduce not only the risk of injury, but also deters vandalism while enhancing privacy and security.  Easy to install, transport and move, temporary construction fence is ideal for construction purposes. Whether you are a contractor engaged in new construction, a homeowner adding a new pool, or a property manager responsible for resident safety during a project, temporary construction fencing can fill any need large or small assisting you with:

  • Liability Management
  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Theft Prevention
Temporary Construction Fence
Temporary Construction Fence

What are the top 3 Must Read Reasons for Installing Temporary Construction Fence?

It’s the Law

Like pulling permits and having utilities marked before you start digging, most counties, cities and townships require temporary construction fencing for most commercial and residential outside construction jobs. Make sure you ask about temporary construction fencing regulations while pulling your permits.

Safety & Security

Temporary fencing is necessary to protect against both public and criminal access to your construction site. For security reasons choose a construction fence at least 6 feet tall with privacy screening. This will deter public curiosity and the criminal element from trying to obtain access to valuable machinery and construction materials and help prevent accidents from unwanted trespassing. Use of temporary fencing allows you to attach proper caution and warning signs that are compliant with the new OSHA/ANSI Safety Sign Requirements.  For more information about required safety signs click here >

Being a Good Neighbor

Temporary fencing with privacy screening keeps your construction project confined. Unfenced construction sites can grow in diameter and encroach on adjoining properties.  Hard barriers prevent unwanted and sometimes strained relations with neighbors and property owners. Not to mention it is more echo friendly.

What are Typical uses for Temporary Construction Fencing?

  • Commercial & Residential Construction
  • Commercial & Residential Demolition
  • Event & Crowd Control Barriers
  • VIP Security Events
  • Crime Prevention
  • Containing Pets & Farm Animals
  • Sporting Events
Temporary Construction Fence

Why Choose Carter Fence Company for your Temporary Construction Fence Needs?

Carter Fence Company is committed to providing quality temporary construction fencing. Locally owned and operated we have serviced the temporary construction fence needs in Southwest Florida since 1989. We value our clients and our goal is to partner with you, contribute to the success of your event or project and reduce your liability with reliable products and the best customer service in the industry. For more information about our temporary fencing options, contact us today!

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