What is the Right Swimming Pool Fence for my Property?

When choosing a pool fence for your property it is important to pick one that suits your needs, meets required safety laws, fits your aesthetic desires and falls within your budget. When considering swimming pool fence options your very first consideration must be safety and security, but that does not mean you need to sacrifice aesthetic beauty. You, your family, guests, tenants, residents and neighbors deserve the best of both worlds.  Here in Florida child drownings more than double the national average so safety and security must be top of mind. Additionally, attention to the Florida Swimming Pool Fencing & Swimming Pool Gate Codes must be adhered to on a detailed level. Selecting the right fence to enclose your swimming pool is a very important process. To ensure you obtain a fence that fits your needs and meets swimming pool fence laws, make sure the contractor you choose has experience with swimming pool fences and the law. Once you are comfortable that you have chosen a fencing company that can meet or exceed your expectations, you have 5 great swimming pool fencing options available to you.  Unlike pool cages, pool fences provide versatility.  From wood and aluminum to vinyl and composite, there are numerous options to choose from.  It is important to consider which material suits your needs. To get you started we have summarized the 5 best Swimming Pool Fence Options when considering installing a new fence or replacing your existing fence, including:

Aluminum Pool Fencing:

Aluminum is a great pool fence option for its low maintenance, elegance and beauty. It is not designed to be a privacy fence; however, it is both safe and secure. Aluminum fencing’s biggest asset is it comes in several different ornamental shapes to accent and beautify your property, yard and swimming pool adding value to your property and home.

Composite Pool Fencing:

Composite pool fencing is designed to look like wood or stone, however with many more added benefits; it is basically maintenance free and more durable than wood.  Great for swimming pool areas, a composite fence will never need to be painted or stained and is easily cleaned. It will never splinter or crack and is designed to withstand weather. You will never need to worry about a pest infestation with a composite pool fence. It is designed to be aesthetically attractive and add privacy and security to your property, swimming pool and home. Composite fencing materials cost a little more than natural wood but far worth the additional cost in the long run.

Wood Pool Fencing:

Wood fences are perfect for pools that have a nature designed theme. Additionally, many homeowners and property managers favor this material for the welcoming feeling it evokes. The options of styles and sizes are numerous. Just like hardwood floors the quality of your yard and swimming pool area will be greatly determined by the quality of wood you choose. With the advances in wood treatment in recent years your new yard and swimming pool fence can last for decades. Natural Wood Fencing is the most popular fence type in America and has been around forever.

Vinyl Pool Fencing:

Vinyl Fencing is hands down the most affordable option to fence in your swimming pool. Vinyl is designed to look like wood or stone and used instead of wood. Vinyl fence is nearly maintenance free, durable and resistant to cracking and fading. Vinyl fencing is available in a variety of sizes colors and is customizable. Whether you have a large or small pool, vinyl is a good, cost-effective way to add beauty, privacy and secure your swimming pool and residence.

Custom Pool Fencing:

Custom pool fences are designed and constructed to meet your specific style, design, material and ease of use needs.  Whether you are looking to match the architecture of your home or the layout of your patio area, custom pool fences will fill any pool fence need. Customization allows for endless great options to enhance safety, security and beauty.


Contact Carter Fence Company for More Information about the 5 Best Swimming Pool Fence Options

Since 1989, we have helped thousands of homeowners in Collier, Lee and Charlotte Counties get the swimming pool fence that suits their needs, meets required safety laws, falls within your budget and looks beautiful.  From installation to replacement, whatever your pool fencing needs are, we can help. We understand that selecting the right fence for you pool can be overwhelming. Our design specialists have extensive product knowledge and expertise to tailor design the perfect pool fence to fit your needs, lifestyle, aesthetic requirements and budget. When you choose Carter Fence Company, you can rest assured knowing that you are not only receiving the best service and workmanship for your investment, but you are also receiving the highest quality products in the industry. For more information about our swimming pool fencing options, contact us today!

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