Most Popular Type of Pool Fence

Having a pool in Southwest Florida is a luxury for many homeowners. But did you know that over 3,500 people die in pool related accidents each year? For this reason, your pool is not complete without a pool fence to help keep your family and neighbors safe.

Pool fences come in many different materials. While some homes have their pool enclosed in their lanai and use a mesh pool fence, there are many Floridians who prefer keeping their pool open to the blue skies and sunshine. This is where you have the ability to select the perfect type of fencing not only for your pool but also for your property. There are many choices of fencing material, all of which have their advantages and disadvantages. Below we will share some information about 2 of the most popular types of pool fences.

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2 Most Popular Types of Pool Fences


Vinyl Pool Fence

A vinyl pool fence is a very popular choice due to its durability and ease of maintenance. Additionally, vinyl fencing is stronger than a wood fence, and it won’t decompose, blister, rot, or peel. A vinyl fence never needs to be finished or repainted allowing you more time to safely enjoy your pool without the extra work of maintaining your fence.


Aluminum Pool Fence

An aluminum fence is a very versatile fencing solution for almost all types of properties which is why many pool owners choose this type of fencing for their property. An aluminum fence provides safety and security along with beauty making it an excellent choice for pool owners. Additionally, aluminum fencing is durable, low maintenance and environmentally friendly.

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Local Pool Fence Contractor Near Me

There are a lot of options available when selecting a pool fence. So, whether you are looking for a pool fence that is strictly for safety, or if you would like the fence to also provide you with privacy, security, or simply a decorative look, Carter Fence is your local fence contractor. Servicing Southwest Florida since 1989, our team has the experience to execute your fence installation flawlessly and affordably. We offer a large selection of fence styles, sizes, and colors to choose from making it easy for you to create the customized look for your property. For more information about our pool fencing options, contact us today!

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