Can My Pets Damage My Vinyl Fence?


When it comes to your furry family members, a vinyl fence is a popular choice of fencing for many pet owners. Vinyl fencing is strong, durable and is an excellent choice for securely keeping your pets in your yard. However, a question that is often asked is, “Can my pets damage my vinyl fence?” Below are some things to watch out for when it comes to pets and your fence.

can my pets damage my vinyl fence

Top 5 Things to Watch Out for When it Comes to Your Pets and Your Vinyl Fence


New Puppy Teething

Having a new puppy is an exciting time for pet owners. After all, who can resist a small, adorable little puppy. But, with a new puppy comes growing stages like teething. When puppies go through their teething stage no matter how many toys you provide for them, they may still try and use other items as a teether, including your fence. Keep your eyes on your little furry family members and make sure you redirect them away from chewing on your fence. Chewing on fencing creates weak areas and potential structural damage.


Potty Training

Dog urine can wreak havoc on your fencing.  Not only can urine cause discoloration to your fence, but this moisture can also cause mold and mildew to grow.  While it is hard to keep your pets away from your fence, if you notice areas where your pet consistently relieves themselves, keep those areas well maintained and cleaned to help avoid any issues.

can my pets damage my vinyl fence

Jumping and Climbing

Dogs come in all sizes and have different energy levels.  If your dog is an active canine who loves to jump and climb, jumping and climbing on the fence can cause structural damage, especially if your dog is a larger, heavier breed.  Damages could range from cracks and leaning to possibly a snapped fence panel.



Let’s face it, dogs love to dig!  If you have a digger, it’s best to encourage their digging habits in areas that are not by your fence.  Digging holes around fence posts and panels can not only create spaces for unwanted creatures to enter your yard, but holes near your fence also cause your fence to lose its stability making it easier for your fence to be damaged by strong winds.



Along with jumping, climbing, and digging, when your canine is engaged in these actions by your fence their claws could scratch your fence.  While wood fencing is especially vulnerable to being scratched, a vinyl fence is more durable to hold up against scratches.

Your Local Fence Company

In conclusion, when it comes to your pet and your vinyl fence, learning these top 5 signs to watch out for along with routinely inspecting your fence is important for all pets and fence owners.  By doing so, you can catch the signs early allowing you time to repair the issues before they get so big that you need a new fence.  Since 1989, customers in the Southwest Florida area have called on us for all their fence installation and repair needs. Having been in the fencing business for over 30 years, we have become a trusted fence repair and installation company.  Whether you need services for a wood fence, vinyl fence, aluminum fence, or chain link fence, there isn’t a problem we can’t solve and fix.   Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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