Do you live in a Gated Community?  Do you have an HOA?  Are you Considering Installing or Replacing a Fence on your Property? 

If you live in a gated community or have an HOA in Southwest Florida, chances are your HOA rules and policies address your personal fencing options.  From wood and vinyl to aluminum and composite, the right choice in fencing materials and hardware will vary significantly based on your HOA’s policies and your own personal needs.  In some cases, fences are not allowed.  If you are in a community that allows personal fences, there are several key points and actions to consider before your project begins, during installation and when your fence is completed.  Fencing significantly changes the aesthetics of your property and can have an equally notable change of neighboring properties and even the entire street. Whether you are looking for increased privacy or to change the aesthetics of your property, following guidelines is critical.

HOA Fencing Guidelines
HOA Fencing Guidelines

What are the 4 Important HOA Fencing Guidelines to Consider?

From HOA rules to regulation zoning requirements, following the guidelines below will help prevent foreseeable complaints from your HOA and neighbors.

Know your HOA fencing guidelines – rules and regulations concerning residential fencing.

Your HOA has fencing policies and standards in place to protect the community’s safety and aesthetics. HOA community policies and standards vary by community, some are very general while others have very specific guidelines. Type of materials, height restrictions, style, colors and uniformity may all be directed by your HOA. Save yourself trouble and anguish,  don’t take any chances and always assume there are policies and guidelines you will need to follow. Make sure you get your project approved by the HOA during all phases of the project, before during and after to avoid costly fines, disputes and other unforeseen problems. If you neglect to follow the specific guidelines you risk enduring the costs of starting over even tearing down the project after completion. Keep this thought at the forefront: Your HOA’s goal is to maintain standards that protect you, your neighbors and the communities appearance to help maintain high property values.

Always remember to communicate.

Share your plans with your HOA and neighbors when required. This will allow you to head off any issues before the project begins. Simply letting your neighbors know what to expect and that you are following all HOA guidelines and approvals will help set a positive tone before your fence construction begins. Do not feel pressured to share all the details such as your style or design, as that could lead to unwanted additional anxiety. If you follow all the rules and regulations your neighbors have no say in your property decisions. But letting them know what to expect can make the process much smoother and in most cases painless.

Follow all zoning regulations.

Before starting any new fencing project, be sure to study your property plat or get a new survey done. Going over your property line by any measurement at all could result in tearing down the fence and starting over. Professional fencing companies like Carter Fence are knowledgeable about local regulations, setbacks, height, etc. But it is imperative you also are aware of all restrictions and regulations.

Maintain your fence.

Keep your fence maintained, safe, clean and operational always. Make sure nothing is unsightly or dangerous at any time. This will save you unwanted fines and problems with your HOA and immediate neighbors.

HOA Fencing Guidelines

We have the Perfect Fence to Fit your Style, Meet your HOA Fencing Guidelines and Stay within your Budget.

Contact Carter Fence Company, the Leader in HOA Fence Options for Homeowners

If you live in a gated community and are looking for a fence that provides long lasting beauty, privacy and security, Carter Fence Company is the professional contractor to call.  Having worked with thousands of homeowners in gated communities throughout Southwest Florida, we understand the relationships that exist between residents and management companies and will work with you throughout your installation process to ensure HOA fencing guidelines are adhered to.

Since 1989, we have helped homeowners in gated communities throughout Collier, Lee and Charlotte Counties get the fence that not only meets HOA fencing guidelines, but also fits your vision, needs and budget. Contact us today!  Our fencing options include:

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