What Should I Replace My Chain Link Fence With?

If you’ve been wondering ‘what should I replace my chain link fence with?’ then read below:

Chain link fencing has been around for quite some time, while this type of fencing offers you benefits such as low price, low maintenance and easy installation there are some major drawbacks when it comes to a chain link fence. Below are 4 of these drawbacks:

  • Easy to Climb – First of all chain link fencing is easy to climb and jump over. This defeats the purpose of the fence if it doesn’t keep unwanted guests out.
  • See Through – This type of fencing is see through, therefore you lack the privacy from neighbors and outside patrons. This is also an issue when trying to block the wind and sound from surrounding neighbors.
  • Not Visually Appealing – Chain link fencing is not the most beautiful type of fencing out there. In fact, many Home Owners Associations are not fond of chain link fencing and won’t allow it at their properties.
  • Color – Chain link fencing tends to come in one color and that is zinc, which is not too appealing and painting chain link fencing will cause your maintenance on the fence to go up tremendously.

Chain link fencing has been a reliable border for some time and still has practical uses but there are plenty of other fencing options available. Below are four options to replace your current chain link fence with:

Option 1: Wood Fencing

Visually appealing, sturdy, secluded and sound proof – these are all characteristics of a wooden privacy fence. A wood fence is a good replacement for chain link fencing. All of the downfalls of chain link can be corrected with a beautiful wooden privacy fence. Wood offers you options when it comes to how much of your yard you want to show off. Whether you prefer a wall around your property or something less private, wood fencing offers you the customization you’re looking for when adding to your property.

Wood fences can look very different depending on the purpose of the fence. You can have a solid wood fence around your property – this would keep your pets in the yard and prevent them from noticing any pedestrians walking by or that noisy neighbor’s dog who always causes a scene. If you didn’t want the full wall wood fence, you could go with a split rail wood or a semi-private picket fence for a more open look. You can also add a mesh fencing in between a split rail fence if you did like the open look but also needed to keep pets in or out.

As you can see, wood is a very versatile material. Not just when it comes to style but the color as well. Wood is very easily stained or painted so you can even further customize the look around your house. Although wood is not weather resistant, there are options to make your wood fence last much longer such as pressure-treated or hardwood!

Option 2: Vinyl Fencing

The next option to replace your chain link fence with is vinyl fencing. Vinyl is the most durable material for fencing as it doesn’t rust or warp when exposed to the outdoor elements. Vinyl fencing is also great for outdoors because there is no risk of bugs or insects infesting it as you may get with a wooden fence.

This type of fencing can also be referred to as PVC – it is nearly maintenance free and resistant to cracking and fading – with little upkeep your PVC fence will look stunning for years. While vinyl fencing is one of the more expensive options; you will never need to paint, stain or seal a PVC fence, making the upkeep cost nearly zero.

Similar to a wooden fence, you are also able to customize your vinyl fence to fit the look of your property. Vinyl fencing comes in a variety of colors, styles and sizes so you can make your yard more private or open depending on the needs of the fence. Here at Carter Fence Company we specialize in PVC installation and can recommend what we think would be best for your personal situation! Visit the ActiveYards website for options on vinyl fencing.

Option 3: Aluminum Fencing

Long lasting, low maintenance, elegant – these are just a few words to describe aluminum fencing. This type of fencing is a great option to replace your current chain link fence. Aluminum fencing provides security while adding value to your property and not to mention, looks great!

If you’re looking for privacy or sound proofing your back yard then aluminum may not be the right option for you. If you’re looking for a classy, elegant look while showing off your property at the same time – then aluminum is the choice to go with. With this material you can guarantee durability and an enhancement in the curb appeal of your property. Visit Alumi-Guard for options of aluminum fences!

Aluminum fencing is tough to climb and very hard to break, making it the perfect option for securing your property. You can customize aluminum with different styles and colors from black, white, bronze and more. You can also recycle this material making it a perfect replacement for your current chain link fence.

Option 4: Composite Fencing

Composite fencing is another viable option to replace your failing chain link fence. Composite is a strong material, requires very little maintenance and is highly versatile making it the perfect material for your next fence.

If you love the look of wood fencing but are tired of the maintenance involved in the upkeep then composite is the way to go. Composite fencing is the new alternative to wood fencing, it offers you a modern look with many options to choose from including Trex, Bufftech and SimTek.

Composite fencing is made up of a mixture of wood and plastic making it resistant to bug infestation and also to the outside elements. Another positive thing about composite fencing is that it’s friendly to the environment and can be recycled at the end of its use! Lastly composite fencing looks the same on both sides so you don’t have to worry about your neighbors complaining about an eyesore.


Chain link fences have been around for a while and definitely still have some practical uses but there are many other options to choose from that are more durable, sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. If you are looking to replace your current chain link fence with one of the options above, be sure to CONTACT US.

Carter Fence Company is a licensed, insured and bonded company and client satisfaction is our #1 priority. When you hire Carter Fence Company for the installation of your new fence we will not just install your fence, we will help guide you when selecting your fence products to ensure you have the perfect fit for you and your property.

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