What are the Most Popular Automatic Driveway Gates for Homeowners in Southwest Florida?

Drive down any street in Southwest Florida and you will see many styles of driveway and community gates.  Gaining in popularity, driveway gates are ideal for homeowners that are looking to enhance their security and increase their curb appeal. While many people associate driveway gates with wealthy areas or upper end real estate, driveway gates can benefit any residential property with a long driveway in Southwest Florida.  Whether you own a waterfront, historic, rustic, classic, modern, or ranch style property, your driveway gate should be a beautiful addition to your property, complimenting your architecture and landscaping. Fortunately, driveway gates are available in an endless amount styles and materials. If you are interested in the most popular automatic driveway gates in Southwest Florida, look at the top 4 gate styles. Keep in mind these are popular styles, although your options are nearly limitless.

Classic Gates

Classic driveway gates are streamlined, simple, yet beautiful. These gates will not only protect your property, but also allow visitors a glimpse of your home. Classic gates are most often made of aluminum.  The top of the gate is frequently arched or scalloped which enhances the classic appearance without being too flashy.

Automatic Driveway Gates
Automatic Driveway Gates

Ornate Gates

If you are looking for a one of a kind entrance, a custom ornate gate is a perfect for you.  Custom built, ornate gates can emphasize unique patterns such as swirls, leaves, birds, initials and more. Ornate gates create a grand entrance setting your home apart from others.  They can be custom made from numerous materials including aluminum, wood, composite, and combinations of materials that enhance the architectural features of your property and landscaping. Adding high tech safety and security features will leave you with the very best in elegance and family security.

Modern Gates

If you are looking for a clean, straight lined appearance, a modern gate is perfect for you.  This contemporary style has gained popularity and focuses on angularity as opposed to curves.  Modern gates are most often seen in aluminum or wood, however, can be made of other materials, such as composite or vinyl.  Numerous property owners who select a modern gate style choose a custom design to match their architecture and landscaping.

Automatic Driveway Gates
Automatic Driveway Gates

Ranch, Rural or Farm Style Gates

If you are looking for a more rustic gate, consider, a farm style, rural or ranch style gate. These gates focus more on function as opposed to elaborate designs. Typically made from wood or composite, these gates are perfect for properties located in rural areas. Durable and simple, ranch style gates reflect the natural environment, however they can be customized to suit aesthetic preferences and needs.

Which Automatic Driveway Gate Style is Right for You?

The best driveway gate for your home is one that meets your security, privacy, and aesthetic needs. The style and color of gate you choose is important, as it is part of the exterior design of your property. By correctly matching the design and style of your gate with the exterior of your home and landscaping you can create a unified grand appearance. 

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If you are thinking about installing an automatic driveway gate, contact Carter Fence Company. Whether you are looking for an ornate, classic, modern, ranch or other popular gate style, we can help!  We offer a full range of quality materials and products to ensure that each customer can find exactly what they are searching for. Locally owned and operated, we employ a team of highly skilled technicians that possess the specific knowledge for any gate installation or repair job. With over 30 years of industry experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to get your automatic gate project done right, and with our five year workmanship warranty you can live worry free knowing your gate was installed by the BEST. Contact Carter Fence Company today to make your next project a success!

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