Should I Install an Automatic Driveway Gate?

Your house is one of the most valuable assets you own and keeping it safe and secure is a priority.  From security cameras and alarm systems to a perimeter fence and an automatic driveway gate, recent times have produced technical advances in home security. Increasing in popularity, automatic driveway gates not only enhance the visual appeal of your home, they also offer security, convenience, privacy, versatility and access control to know who is coming and going.  Whether you own a large estate home or a historic downtown property, there are driveway gates to fit every need.

Automatic Driveway Gate
Automatic Driveway Gate

If you are Wondering what the Top 3 Benefits of Installing an Automatic Driveway Gate at your House are, Continue Reading

Safety & Security:

A primary benefit of an automatic gate is the added security it provides. Getting in and out of your car to open and close gates can be dangerous from a personal safety aspect. Individuals and family members have gotten attacked and hijacked manually opening their homes gate. An automated gate operating system will dramatically reduce if not eliminate this risk. Modern automatic gate operating devices have an adjustable setting which allows you to quickly open and close your gate reducing the time you are sitting stationary in your car. There are also auto closing features in modern gates, so you never have to worry about closing it once you leave your property.


Primary gates of homes and property are generally very heavy, irritating and inconvenient to open, especially for the elderly. No one wants to get out of their car to open a heavy gate to get on and off their property especially multiple times every day. Along with the elderly individuals, those with injuries and disabilities may not be able to open and close heavy gates manually. Most automatic gates these days have GSM-modules which conveniently allow you to operate your automated security gate through your smartphone or digital device, eliminating the need of multiple electronic devices.

Access Control:

Automatic gates offer excellent methods of access control these days. With an advanced system you will be able to check how many times the gate was opened day or night. And if you have a security company monitoring your security systems, they can ensure all gate openings correspond with your delivery and service call appointments you have scheduled.

Automatic Driveway Gate

Keep your Home Safe with an Automatic Driveway Gate from Carter Fence Company.

Carter Fence Company has been keeping homes safe with automatic driveway gates and perimeter fences since 1989. Locally owned and operated we install, repair and retrofit automated driveway gates and access control operating systems providing homeowners with easy accessibility while delivering security and protection.  We are committed to delivering the highest quality products and the best customer service in the industry.  With over three decades of experience, our team can fulfill all the security needs of your property, large or small. For more information about our residential automatic driveway gates, contact us today!

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