Choosing The Right Agricultural and Livestock Fencing Will Keep Your Animals and Fields Safe in Southwest Florida!

When choosing agricultural and livestock fencing, it is important to pick one that meets your needs. Not only will the right type of fencing protect your livestock and crops, but it will also keep them contained. In other words, you want to keep your crops or animals safe from predators. And make sure they don’t roam about. In fact, the right fencing will also improve the overall health of your crops, herds, and property. Not to mention, keeping you in compliance with the Florida Statutes on livestock and agricultural fencing.

Agricultural & Livestock Fencing

Considerations when Choosing the Right Agricultural and Livestock Fencing

There are numerous considerations when choosing a fence, including the type of animal or crop being contained and the size of the containment area. As such, it is important to consider factors such as containment, protection, and land management.


This is the most obvious reason for installing livestock fencing. In fact, livestock fencing will keep your herd confined to specific, designated areas. Which will allow you to keep track of them, and herd them together when needed. The average farm size in Florida is 205 acres. Although, pastures can range from less than an acre to more than 100 acres. Therefore, installing perimeter fencing and gates will keep your livestock from roaming to far from safety. Also, it will help prevent injury.


In addition to keeping livestock contained, the right type of fencing will keep your livestock safe from predators. Generally speaking, livestock will roam freely. Consequently, they are vulnerable to predator attacks. In fact, bears, panthers, coyotes, bobcats, foxes, and many other natural predators are known to prey on livestock. For this reason, planning your fencing needs based on the livestock you own and what you are protecting them from is critical in your decision-making process. For example, if you are protecting small animals from foxes, a woven wire fence would be the best option. However, a pipe or wooden fence in this circumstance would be a bad idea, as it would allow smaller predators easy access.

Land & Pasture Management

Pasture rotation will be easier with properly placed fencing. Having livestock continually graze in one small area can turn your land barren. Moreover, if you have land dedicated to crop production, you need to keep livestock and wildlife out of that area. All in all, the right fencing can help.

Agricultural & Livestock Fencing
Agricultural & Livestock Fencing

Agricultural and Livestock Fencing Options

Below are several time-tested fencing solutions that offer simple and effective ways to secure your property and livestock.

Barbed Wire Fencing

Barbed wire is one of the easiest and most cost-effective forms of pasture fencing. This style of fencing is commonly used for the containment of cattle. In addition, it is great for deterring predators. However, it can be dangerous. In other words, bumping into it can result in cuts. Additionally, if someone gets tangled in a barbed wire fence, serious injury could occur.

Woven Wire Fencing

If you have smaller livestock, such as sheep or goats, woven wire may be perfect for you. Made with woven vertical and horizontally connected wire, this fence style will act as a wall. As a result, your small livestock will be secure, with very little room for escape. And it is a great deterrent for predators.

High Tensile Wire Fencing

This type of fencing is a great option for large livestock. Due to the fact that it offers some give if animals happen to run into it. Furthermore, this fencing is well suited for larger animals that spook easily or challenge the pastures perimeters on a regular basis. Equally important, this style of fencing is livestock safe, predator resistant, and will not break very easily.

Chain Link Fencing

If you are looking for a safe, affordable fencing option, chain link is for you. Not only is chain link versatile, but it is also great for both domestic animals and livestock. In addition, it is an excellent choice to keep predators of all sizes at bay.

Wood & Vinyl Fencing

Both wood and vinyl are great for horses and pastures. Not only are they beautiful fencing options, but they can also complement equestrian style farms and pastures. However, some styles do not provide as much protection from predators as other options.

Protect your Crops, Livestock and Property with Agricultural, Livestock, Farm & Field Fencing

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Agricultural & Livestock Fencing
Agricultural & Livestock Fencing

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