What Type of Fences Provides the Best Security for Homeowners?

If you are considering installing a fence for home security, you are not alone. For homeowners that do not live in gated communities, a fence is an affordable home security option. Security fences can safeguard your home and family against crime, increase the value of your property and control who is coming and going. Selecting the right type of security fence is important. If you are not thoughtful in your selection, you could accidently install a fence that makes you a target for intruders. So, where do you begin?  Selecting the best security fence for your home comes down to a few considerations:

  • Is the Fence Hard or Easy to Climb?
  • Is the Fence Hard or Easy to Bypass?
  • Does the Fence Provide any Hiding Places?
Best Security Fences for Homeowners
Best Security Fences for Homeowners

Is the Fence Easy or Hard to Climb?

A good security fence is hard to climb. The taller your fence can be, the better your security. If you are limited by height, fences that are pointed or spiked on the top will discourage potential intruders from climbing them.  Additionally, fences that have horizontal rails are easier to climb. If you want horizontal rails as part of your fence design, make sure they are facing the inside of the property and the space between them doesn’t allow for easy climbing.

Is the Fence Hard or Easy to Bypass?

A good security fence is hard to bypass. Most break-ins are random based on how easily the property and home can be breached and retreated from quickly. A fence installed for security purposes does you no good if a burglar can go over, around, or under it, quickly and easily.  A good security perimeter fence is secured to the ground, is durable, cannot be cut and surrounds the entire property. Additionally, include security gates and driveway gates. Leave no opening exposed.

Does the Fence Provide any Hiding Places?

When choosing security fencing styles and materials, you want to avoid a fence that blocks the view of the other side of the fence. You want to be able to see if anyone is prowling around giving you the opportunity to call for help or investigate before they try to breech the fence. Solid, tall fences provide great hiding places for intruders and should be avoided.

What are Some of the Best Materials for Security Fences?

Some fencing materials are more secure than others, but if you focus on the above characteristics your material choice is not limited.  There are a variety of fence materials that will not only increase your security but also blend into your landscaping and compliment your architecture. Aluminum, wood, vinyl, and composite are great materials to consider if you want to install a fence for security. Each material provides security fencing styles which are durable, stylish, and functional enabling you to create the look you desire. Installing security fencing is not a do it yourself project. A professional fencing contractor has the product knowledge, experience, and resources to ensure your fence meets all your needs.

Best Security Fences for Homeowners

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