Which Type of Residential Fence Should I Get?


Residential Fencing: Let’s Start…

There are a few things to think about when asking: which type of residential fence should I get? Whether you are looking to enhance the beauty of your property, add security or just keep the family pet in the yard; residential fencing has a wide range of practical uses. There are a variety of options to choose from in terms of material, color, design and layout! Below are a few options for residential fences.

  • Aluminum
  • Composite
  • Vinyl
  • Wood
  • Chain Link

I know what you may be thinking… “Which type of fence is best for me!?”  When determining which type of fencing might be best for you, remember that there are options for different situations you may have. You also have to ask a few questions: What is the purpose of the fence? What is the style of your house? And what are the laws and codes in my area? Once you have the answer to these questions you can start your search to finding the perfect fence for your home.

Intent of Your Residential Fence:

First things first, you need to decide the “why?” What is the intent of the fence you are wanting to install – Do you want security? Do you want privacy? Do you want curb appeal? These are all things that need to be considered before making your final decision. Here at Carter Fence our crew will assist in helping you make the best decision for you and your unique situation. Below are some reasons you may want to install a fence or replace your old one!

For example, if you wanted to keep your dog in the yard while blocking off any sights from the outside then a wooden privacy fence may be your best option but if you are looking to add a classy look while showing off your backyard then an aluminum option might be best for you.


The next thing to think about when asking: which type of residential fence should I get? is your surrounding area. You should ask yourself the following questions – “what type of fencing do your neighbors have?” and “are there any restrictions from the county/city or my HOA?” Sometimes it is easier to get an idea of what might look good on your property by looking around at houses in the surrounding area. If your neighbors all have black aluminum then it might be worth looking at some options in black aluminum fencing. Or if you are someone who likes to stand out from the crowd then maybe a Vinyl fence may be right for you. Just remember, when you are deciding on a new fence, to research any codes or restrictions that your county may have in place. The last thing you want is to install a fence and realize after the fact that it breaks code!

Style of Your Residential Fence:

 Another important factor to look when deciding:  which type of residential fence should I get? – Is the style of your house. For example, if you have a country style home you can go with a split rail wood fence for a more rustic look or if you have a Victorian style home, an aluminum or wrought iron fence may be your best bet. It all comes down to preference and also what goes best with your house. Carter Fence Company and our representatives will work with you to help you decide which fencing option goes best with your style of home.


When it comes to choosing the material for your fence, you have a wide range of options. From wood to chain link there are dozens of fencing options and styles for you to choose from. Below are the five most common fencing materials:

  • Wood: Wooden fences tend to more pricey but offer you greater security & privacy. Another thing to think about when choosing a wooden fence is the type of wood you will be using. Pine wood is the most economically friendly choice while cedar tends to be the most expensive option.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl fencing one of the most common substitutes for wooden fences. This material is weather resistant and much more durable than wood. Vinyl is also very low maintenance, once you install the fence you are all set for years to come. The only disadvantage is that vinyl is one of the most expensive materials.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum fencing is a very customizable fencing option. You can choose from many styles and colors and this material is perfect if you are near the coastline as it doesn’t rot due to humidity. Aluminum is also the strongest fencing material but it doesn’t give you the privacy that the wood or vinyl fences do.
  • Composite: Composite fencing is a good alternative to wood fencing. Composite offers you the modern, sleek look of a wooden fence but without the maintenance of real wood. You get the best of both worlds. Although this type of fencing is pricey, you won’t have to do anything in terms of maintenance for years to come.
  • Chain Link: Chain link fencing is the most economically friendly fence you can buy. This type of fencing is also popular with dog owners as it is a good barrier for pets but it does come with a few drawbacks. Chain link fencing will not enhance the curb appeal or value of your property but you can guarantee a reliable barrier for your property. There are plenty of other options to replace your current chain link fence with. 

Hire a Professional or Do It Yourself?

The last important factor to decide is: should I hire a professional fence company or should I order the products and install the fence myself? This questions depends on a few factors: which type of fence? How long is the fence? And the terrain that the fence needs to be installed in? While installing your own fence manually is doable, it is a very time consuming and physically demanding process. You may be better off going with a fencing professional who knows the process it takes to install a quality, lasting fence.

Our team at Carter Fence Company is your trusted fencing contractor in southwest Florida. With over 30 years of industry experience we have to knowledge and expertise to get your fence project done right, and with our new five year workmanship warranty you can live worry free knowing your fence was installed by the BEST. Contact Carter Fence Company today to make your next fencing project a success!

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