The Best Fencing Options for Your Dog


Dogs are Family

For some of us, dogs aren’t just pets they are family – We want to make sure to get “the best fencing options for your dog”. The most important thing to dog owners is keeping your 4-legged friend safe. While at the same time giving them the freedom to enjoy a happy life. Installing the right fence in your backyard can make all the difference. You must remember to keep your furry friend in mind when deciding which type of fence you should get!

Whether you’ve got a large dog, small dog or anything in between there are fencing options to satisfy your specific needs. The task is to install a fence that looks great, is budget friendly and keeps your pets in and intruders out.

Things to Consider

When looking at “the best fencing options for your dog” you have to consider a few things.The height of your fence, the privacy aspect, the size of your dog and the layout of your yard. Once you’ve got a good idea of these 4 topics you can begin to dive into your search.

  • Height: The main decision other than the material when it comes to fencing is the height of the fence. If you have a large breed dog than your best bet would be a 6 foot high fence. Many dogs will have trouble jumping over that high a fence! On the reverse side if you have a small breed dog, you may want to go with a fence that your dog can’t fit through or dig under.
  • Privacy: The next thing to consider is how much privacy do you want for your dog? Do you want your pup to see everything that goes by? Or do you want them to be closed off to prevent the barking? If you did want a more private option a vinyl privacy fence or wooden privacy fence may be your best bet.
  • Dog Friendly Yard: Another thing to think about when installing a fence to keep your dog in is the landscape of your backyard. Will your furry friend want to escape? Or do you have enough toys, trees and activities to keep your dog entertained? Another important aspect is to keep your dog well exercised so they are not looking to escape the yard – having the right fence and landscape can make all the difference for your pup!

Security Risks

The next thing to think about when searching for “the best fencing options for your dog” are the security risks for your dog involved with new and old fences. You’ve got to make sure your fence isn’t damaged. Or isn’t  able to be climbed or dug under.

      • Climbing: Dogs can climb! If you have a curious dog who likes to see what the neighbors are up to then you should make sure to install a fence that your dog cannot climb. You should stay away from chain link, split rail or any type of fence that creates areas where a dog can put there foot in between to climb up.
      • Steps: Make sure you don’t have any “steps” near your fence that your pup can use to go up and over your fence. Anything from garbage cans to small trees can be used as steps for your dog. This is easily prevented!
      • Digging: Next is digging. This is one of the main issues dog owners have with keeping their pup in the yard. Dogs like to dig… especially small dogs. These little dogs don’t need to dig a very large whole to sneak right under the fence. While only the posts of fences go into the ground you can add stones/rocks or wire underneath the fence to deter your mischievous pup from escaping.
      • Damage: Making sure your current fence isn’t damage is probably the easiest way to stop your dog from escaping. All you have to do is walk the fence line to see where the damage is and document. If you have a faulty chain link fence you may think about replacing it with something sturdier that will keep your pup contained.


All of us want to be good neighbors, we don’t purposely do something to irritate our next door neighbors… well sometimes… but that’s for another article. Keeping your dog from barking will keep your neighbors from complaining. It will also save you the headache of having to hear complaints.

The first thing you can do is install a 100% privacy fence. Dogs who bark usually do so because they see, hear or smell something on the other side of your fence. Installing a wooden, vinyl or composite privacy fence will block those sights, smells from your neighbor’s yard. Allowing your pup to relax out back without you having to worry about the next back attack!

Another thing you need to make sure to do is provide adequate room for your dog to run around. Don’t over stuff your yard with lawn ornaments and shrubbery that make it hard for you pup to have open space. Plus if you have things in the yard your dog may use them to try and escape over top of the fence!

Why Carter Fence Company?

Here at Carter Fence Company we know what pets mean to the family. We have been family owned and operated for over 30 years and always have a pup in the office. There is no one better to put your trust in then Carter Fence Company when it comes it ensuring the safety and security of your loved ones. Contact us today to make your next fencing project a successful one.


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