Ready to Get Started on your DIY Fencing Project?

Below are some Important Things to Know Before you Start Building

Since a do-it-yourself fencing project involves digging, it is important that you follow safe digging practices.  Taking short cuts with your project can not only lead to cable outages and internet black outs, but may also lead to possible injuries. In fact, by law you must call to get your public utilities marked before you dig in your yard.

What You Need to Know About Pool Fences

If the plans for your do-it-yourself fencing project is to surround the perimeter of your pool, it is important to understand that pool fencing standards differ by states, municipalities, and counties. These requirements can vary depending on your type of pool and its location. Pool fencing regulations are typically found in building codes, statutory codes, zoning codes, administrative codes, and zoning ordinances.

Please reference your City Ordinance to ensure your fence complies with your town/city.

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Click here to learn more about Florida Statute 515.29 – Residential swimming pool barrier requirements.

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