Get the Look of A Stone Fence in Southwest Florida without Breaking the Bank with Composite Fencing!

If you live in Southwest Florida, chances are you own a concrete block or stucco home. Not only are concrete block homes built to last, but they are also durable, storm resistant, and more. However, when it comes to fencing, stone and brick are not the best options in Southwest Florida. While many like the beauty and natural appeal of stone, there are some downsides. In the first place, concrete, or brick fences, are difficult and costly to install. Additionally, while they are durable, it is possible for damage to occur. When damage occurs, it is typically due to hurricanes or collisions. Which will be costly to repair. As a result, many Southwest Florida properties are turning to composite fencing. Overall, composite fencing is a great alternative to stone or brick.
Composite Fencing is The Best Alternative to Stone or Brick

Why is Composite Fencing A Great Alternative to Stone or Brick?


Resembles Stone and Brick

One of the advantages of composite fencing is its ability to mirror the look of stone or brick. In fact, there are many brick and stone styles, colors, and textures to choose from. In fact, composite can give you the same look as brick or stone, but in a budget friendly way.

Extremely Durable

In addition to its ability to resemble stone or brick, composite is also extremely durable. As previously stated, brick and stone fencing is durable. So is composite. In fact, composite fencing is great for hurricane prone areas. For example, Trex composite fencing is tested to withstand 110mh steady winds and 130mph wind gusts. This is great news in Southwest Florida. In other words, if your home or business is still standing, chances are so is your composite fence.

Easy to Maintain

Being made from plastic fibers, recycled sources, and wood, composite is easy to clean and maintain. By and large, an occasional wash with soap and water is all you will need to do. Additionally, you will not need to worry about rot, termites, or splintering with a composite fence. If your fence becomes damaged, it is much easier to repair than a stone or brick fence. And less expensive.

Provides Privacy and Security

One of the many advantages of composite fencing is that it gives you privacy and security. First, if you are looking for a taller fence, no problem. Composite is available up to 12 feet high. Secondly, the design of composite gives you full privacy. In other words, the view of your home or business is restricted. Plus composite fencing will deter intruders, theft, and vandalism.

Who Makes Composite Fencing?

By and large, the most popular composite fence manufacturers in Southwest Florida are Trex, Bufftech, and SimTek.

Trex Composite Products

Being made from plastic fibers, recycled sources, and wood, Trex composite fencing is eco-friendly. Moreover, it is beautiful and provides complete privacy. Additionally, Trex fencing is great for hurricane prone areas. In fact, it passes the Miami-Dade County wind load certification tests. To clarify, it has been tested for 110mph steady state winds and 130mph wind gusts.

Bufftech Products

This product features steel reinforced railings for increased durability. Consequently, Bufftech products will give you long-term performance. Additionally, it is available in a variety of styles and colors. In effect, Bufftech fencing can blend into any style of home, community, or business.

SimTek Products

A SimTek fence is one of the leading choices available for composite fencing. This option is eco-friendly, durable, maintenance free, fade resistant and offers the look of real stone.

For More Information About Why Composite Fencing is a Great Alternative to Stone or Brick,

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Composite Fencing is The Best Alternative to Stone or Brick

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