Enhance your Property Value and Curb Appeal by Choosing the Right Fence Style and Color for your Home

When choosing a fence for your property it is important to not only pick one that provides the privacy and security you need, but also enhances your homes curb appeal and value. From waterfront and island style homes to historic homes and new construction your fence should be a beautiful addition to your property, complimenting your architecture and landscaping. The style and color of fence you choose is important, as it is part of the exterior design of your property. By correctly matching the design and style of your fence with the exterior of your home and landscaping you can create a unified grand appearance.  Selecting fencing styles and designs can seem overwhelming. Where do you begin? Finding the best style and color of fence comes down to just a few considerations: Your personal taste, the color and accent colors of your homes exterior and your landscaping.  Below are 5 tips for choosing the right fence style and color for your home. Keep in mind these are considerations and your options are nearly limitless.


Textured Home Exteriors – Stucco, Stone & Brick

Black and bronze aluminum fencing is the most common compliment to complete the grand estate style look a textured home exterior seems to represent. Stucco & Stone have modern earthy tones. A natural aluminum fence color such as a textured bronze or black will fit extremely well. On the other side of the palette wheel, a white wooden fence can fit very well with brick style exteriors.

Choosing the Right Fence Style and Color for your Home
Choosing the Right Fence Style and Color for your Home

Dark Home Exteriors – Browns, Grey’s & Greens

For home exteriors that take on the darker side, use a fence color with some contrast to help lighten things up. Vinyl and composite fences are available in lighter neutral colors and are an excellent option to accomplish this.  Of course, wood fencing is an option as it can be painted any contrasting color that would fit your exterior color schemes.

White, Beige and Light Colored Home Exteriors

With a neutral home exterior, your fence colors and styles are truly limitless! Simple or extravagant, anything is possible. Vinyl and Composite fences offer a large selection of styles, sizes, and colors, making it easy for you to create a customized look for your property or blend your homes exterior accent colors into your fence.  Wood and aluminum are additional options that will add beauty and elegance.

Choosing the Right Fence Style and Color for your Home
Choosing the Right Fence Style & Color for your Home

Bright & Bold Uniquely Painted Exteriors

Exteriors painted in bright bold colors can be hard to match, these colors are statement making and need to stand alone. When making a fencing color decision stick with neutral natural colors such as natural wood in wood tones or simple white vinyl.

Light Cool and Contemporary Exteriors – Grey’s and Blues

A white fence works well with cool and contemporary exteriors.  Vinyl, Composite, Aluminum and Wooden fences are all available in solid white.

Vinyl by ActiveYards_Dogwood, white, 6’H_Location 3rd Ave S, Naples Fl_Carter Fence
Choosing the Right Fence Style and Color for your Home
PVC Fence

Other Considerations You Should Not Ignore

  • HOA Rules & Guidelines: If you live in an HOA, make sure to check with any HOA guidelines, rules and restrictions and get approvals as needed throughout your project development.
  • Landscaping: Is your landscaping spectacular and one of the main focal points and showcase of your exterior? Consider an understated fence option in this case to help keep your landscaping the focal point.
  • Accent Trim & Window Shutter Colors: Often fence colors and fence color accent choices can match your home exteriors accent colors for a uniform flowing design and look.
  • Your Main Focal Point: Consider what you want your main focal point to be? Is it your home? Is it your landscaping? Is it your swimming pool? Is it your fence? Is it your gated entrance? Envision the curb appeal and what you want to achieve as a first impression. Deciding this ahead of time will help in your overall decision-making process.

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