What is the Best Fence to Install in Southwest Florida?


If you are thinking about installing a fence around your home, community, or business in Southwest Florida you have plenty of options.  Choosing the right fencing material is an important decision. Living in Southwest Florida brings tropical weather year round. Our climate is not only extremely hot in the summer it is also rich in moisture, oxygen, salt, and sodium chloride. This combination can wreak havoc on some fencing materials.  Unprotected metal fences have the potential to erode quickly, and unprotected wood fences absorb water causing rotting on the woods surface. Many fences are designed to withstand our tropical climate, but some materials are more durable and reliable than others. Installing the right type of fencing for our climate can mean the difference between purchasing a fence once every 20 to 30 years or purchasing a fence that requires maintenance, repairs and may need replacing in a shorter period of time. A new fencing project can be an expensive investment, so making a good decision on materials to protect that investment is as important as aesthetics (style & colors).  Read below to learn which fences are the best to install given the climate in Southwest Florida.

What are the 4 Best Fences to Install in Southwest Florida?

Composite Fencing:

Composite Fence

Composite Fencing is Artfully Crafted and Build to Last

Because of the way it is manufactured composite fencing can last up to 30 years. Composite fencing is made from recycled plastics and wood pieces, with protective exterior layers.  This makes composite fencing perfect for our climate.  Resistant to fading, imperious to insects, and moisture and mold resistant, composite fences are perfect for our climate.  With many color choices, your options are endless.  If you like the look of wood, composite is a great choice.  It has the appearance of wood, however unlike natural wood, composite is nearly maintenance free, and extremely sturdy.  Filled with benefits, there are many reasons to consider composite fencing materials in your decision-making process.  Read More About Composite Fencing >

Vinyl Fencing


Vinyl Fencing is Constructed for Both Beauty and Durability with Minimal Maintenance 

Vinyl fencing is a very popular choice of fencing material.  Made from ecofriendly recyclable materials, vinyl fencing can last up to 20 years. You will not need to worry about termites, rot, or other harmful insects with vinyl fencing. Resistant to fading and warping, vinyl is a sturdy, minimal maintenance option well suited for hot, humid, sunny climates.  If you are looking for a fence that will instantly beautify your property while providing security and privacy, a vinyl fence is a great option.  Like composite fencing, vinyl comes in many distinctive styles, colors, and sizes. There are a lot of wonderful reasons to consider vinyl fencing materials in your fence decision-making process.  Learn More About Vinyl Fencing Here >

Aluminum Fencing

Access Control Security Systems

Aluminum Fencing is Designed for both Beauty and Durably

Aluminum fencing is a popular fencing option for homeowners, businesses, and property manager throughout Southwest Florida. Aluminum fencing is a low-density, high strength metal that resists corrosion. It is a popular choice for south Floridians due to its sleek, manicured appearance, low maintenance, durability, versatility, and resistance to rust. Aluminum fencing is not only affordable but designed to look great and provide added security.  Aluminum fencing comes in many decorative styles, colors, and sizes. If you are looking for that timeless rich estate look, an aluminum fence is a wonderful option that needs to be considered.  Find out More About Aluminum Fencing >

Chain Link Fence

Chain Link Fence

Chain Link Fencing, A Good Choice for Hurricane Prone Areas

Chain link fencing has been a popular fencing option for homeowner and businesses in Southwest Florida for a long time. Also known as hurricane fencing, chain link holds up to severe wind and weather conditions. If you are fencing a large lot, it is the most affordable option. Chain link fences are a great choice for dog kennels, dog runs and backyards, keeping kids and pets safe. When incorporating the right landscaping, trees, shrubs, and outcroppings, a chain link fence can provide pleasant and pleasing aesthetics, while providing safety and security to your family and pets. Whether you are looking for security, ease of maintenance or an affordable fencing option, a chain link fence may be the right choice for you. Get More Details About Chain Link Fencing >

For More Information about the Best Fences to Install in Southwest Florida, Contact Carter Fence Company

Choosing the right fencing material can be a monumental decision. At Carter Fence Company we understand that selecting the right fence can be overwhelming.  We can help!   Our specialists have extensive product knowledge and expertise to tailor design the perfect fence to fit our climate, your needs, lifestyle, aesthetic requirements, and budget. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us here at Carter Fence Company, serving the folks here in Southwest Florida for decades.


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