Are you Looking for More Privacy?

If you are looking for more privacy, a privacy fence may be perfect for you. Whether you have just purchased a new home or you’re remodeling your existing one, you may have concluded that your neighbors see more of you than you want them to see. A privacy fence is not only the easiest and most popular way to place a barrier between your home and the public, but it also offers additional benefits you may not have even considered. So, what are the top 5 benefits of privacy fencing?

Benefits of Privacy Fencing
Benefits of Privacy Fencing

What are the Top 5 Benefits of Privacy Fencing?

Read on to discover the top 5 benefits of privacy fencing.

Improves Your Privacy, Of Course

One of the main advantages of a privacy fence is that is gives you privacy!  Privacy matters to people. Some homes are located on busy streets or facing other homes. You may feel that everyone can see what you are doing. With a privacy fence, the view of your home will be restricted to not only neighbors, but to anyone passing by. This can be especially beneficial for those homes that have pools, children, and pets. Privacy fences provide a boundary for your outdoor living space so you can enjoy your pool, lanai, family gathering, or company without others looking in.

Increases Security & Safety

Installing a privacy fence around your property will increase your family’s security and safety. Properties with no fencing are easier to enter, vandalize, and potentially break into. Without a privacy fence, your home is visible and exposed to anyone from the street, the side, or the back. Privacy fencing will not only block unwanted peering eyes but will also deter intruders, theft, and vandalism by creating a physical obstacle. Keep in mind that a privacy fence won’t keep 100% of threats out of your yard, but it will deter intruders while controlling who enters and leaves your property. This is particularly important if you do not live in a gated community. With the addition of a privacy fence your fears of being the victim of a crime will be reduced.

Reduces Street Noise

If you live near I-75, US 41, Immokalee Road, Bonita Beach Road, Daniels Parkway, or any other busy street or highway, you likely hear noise from the traffic. No one wants to hear that type of noise when they are trying to relax in their back yard. A well built privacy fence can absorb and noticeably reduce traffic and street noise. This not only adds value to your outdoor living lifestyle but will also add value to your home.

Increases Your Curb Appeal

Along with improving your home’s value, increasing your homes curb appeal is another benefit that a privacy fence offers. A well maintained, professionally installed privacy fence will improve the appearance of your home. Your fence can be designed to match your existing architecture, enhancing, and beautifying the look of your landscaping, pool area and property.

Adds Value

For all the reasons listed above, privacy fences will add value to your home. Fences are among the items that home buyers want when purchasing a new home. This is especially true if your home is not in a gated community.  A privacy fence may or may not impact the listed price of your home, but it can enhance the value of your home. When it comes to increasing your home’s value several variables come into play, including:

  • The condition of your fence
  • The aesthetic appeal of your fence
  • The quality of the materials
  • The neighborhood

If you install a fence that beautifully defines your property, blends into your landscaping and architecture and provides privacy and security, potential homebuyers will view the fence as value added. 

With Carter Fence Company, You don’t have to Sacrifice Aesthetics

to Accomplish your Security and Privacy Needs!

Benefits of Privacy Fencing

For More Information about the Benefits of Privacy Fencing,

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When it comes to selecting the perfect privacy fence for your home in Southwest Florida, trust the experts at Carter Fence Company.  From vinyl to wood and composite, we have the largest selection of privacy fencing styles, colors, and materials to choose from. In business for over 30 years, our team has the experience to execute your fence installation correctly, flawlessly, and affordably.  A correctly installed privacy fence will not only help protect your home and family against crime but will also increase the curb appeal of your home’s exterior.

When you choose Carter Fence Company to install your privacy fence, we will walk you through the entire process from job site visit to final installation. Our #1 priority is customer satisfaction, so we won’t stop until YOU are happy.  Contact us today!

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