Are you Looking for a Way to Make your Dock or Pier Safer?

If you are looking for a way to make your dock or pier safer, fencing is perfect for you. In short, if you live in Southwest Florida, there is a good chance you live close to water. In fact, there are tens of thousands of waterfront homes and businesses. By the same token, there are thousands of docks and piers. Let’s face it, living on the water is the ultimate Florida lifestyle. The views are breathtaking, and your water access is feet away. However, as wonderful as that sounds, living on the water does pose some risk. Specifically, accidental falls into the water and drowning. As a result, dock and pier fencing has exploded in popularity. Not only will it make your dock or pier safer, but it will also increase the overall beauty of your property. So, what are the top benefits of dock and pier fencing?

Benefits of Dock & Pier Fencing

What are the Top Benefits of Dock and Pier Fencing?

Read on to discover the top benefits of dock and pier fencing.


Helps Reduce Accidental Drownings

Did you know that drowning can happen in as little as 20 -60 seconds? In fact, drowning is the second leading cause of death for children under the age of 14. If you have pets, children, elderly adults, or grandchildren, keeping them safe is a necessity. There should be layers of protection to prevent water accidents. Adult supervision is one layer, but that alone is not adequate. However, incorporating a physical barrier that prevents access to bodies of water dramatically increases your safety measures and requirements. Consequently, one of the main benefits of installing a fence around your dock or pier is to reduce the risk of accidental drownings.


Adds Curb Appeal

While safety is one of the primary reasons to install dock or pier fencing, curb appeal is another benefit. From aluminum and composite to vinyl and chain link, fencing is available in a variety of styles and colors. In fact, your fence can be designed to match your existing dock, pier, and architecture. Not only will this enhance the look of your dock or pier, but it will also improve the look of your home or business. Overall, you don’t have to give up beauty for safety.


An Affordable Investment for a Secure Environment

Another benefit of dock and pier fencing lies in its affordability. For example, an aluminum dock or pier fence is a cost-effective investment. In the first place, aluminum fencing has a long lifespan, up to 50 years. Secondly, during its lifespan, very little maintenance is needed. Thirdly, aluminum will not rust, rot, or warp, making it a perfect fence on or near water. When you consider the lifespan, and maintenance free nature, you won’t need to invest in treatments, or stains to keep your fence in good condition.


Adds Value

For all the reasons listed above, dock and pier fences will add value. Fences are among the items that home buyers want when purchasing a new home. This is especially true if your home is on the water.


Additional Note

If you own a swimming pool, you have a safety fence installed to prevent accidental drownings. The same should be true if you own property on a lake, waterway, river, canal, or the gulf. As stated before, a fence on your dock or pier provides a vital layer of safety.

What Are the Best Fence Materials for Docks and Piers?

Choosing the right fencing material is an important decision. Living in Southwest Florida brings tropical weather year round. Our climate is not only extremely hot in the summer, but also rich in moisture, oxygen, salt, and sodium chloride. This combination can wreak havoc on some fencing materials. Additionally, tropical storms and hurricanes are a threat. For these reasons, it is important that your fence can withstand our tropical climate. Both aluminum and chain link are the most hurricane resistant materials. Unlike wood, aluminum and chain link can withstand high winds, and heavy rain. Furthermore, open panels, spindles, and links allow wind to pass through without causing damage.

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Benefits of Dock & Pier Fencing

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