What are the benefits of an aluminum fence?

There are many benefits when installing an aluminum fence on your property including safety and elegance. Aluminum fencing is one of the most common types of fencing material available. This type of fence comes in many different heights and styles so you can customize the look you want. Here at Carter Fence we use top of the line aluminum material from AlumiGuard so your fence lasts a lifetime.

Aluminum fencing is one of the more flexible fencing options. It can be installed anywhere from flat concrete to a sloped hill and will look the same every time. The customizable height option of aluminum fencing allows you to fit the requirements of your local home owners association. Aluminum fencing is also see through so you can see your outside shrubs and not be completely blocked off from the outside world. In addition, there are puppy picket options available to make sure your family pet is safe from escaping. Outlined below are 5 benefits to installing an aluminum fence:

benefits of an aluminum fence
top 5 benefits of an aluminum fence


The first benefit of aluminum fencing is that it provides a sense of security to home owners. The look and feel of the fence keeps intruders away. Aluminum fencing is one of the strongest materials you can install and it can go up to any height that your area allows. It is hard to climb which makes it difficult for intruders to get in. Aluminum fencing is also a great option for dog owners, this type of fence is tough to get through or dig under so your pup will be safe.


The look is definitely one of the main benefits to having an aluminum fence. Aluminum fencing comes with countless options from Ascot to Canterbury to Pressed Spears you can customize the look you want. It also comes in a variety of colors and add-ons so you can further customize the look you are going for. Aluminum fencing is also the one of the best options for pool fencing – the 4’H black or Florida bronze option is one of the more popular pool fences we see here in Naples, Florida.


Another benefit of an aluminum fence is that during the lifetime of the fence it is very budget friendly. The upfront cost of the fence may be more than chain link or vinyl but you make up for that in maintenance costs. Aluminum fencing is practically maintenance free, with very little upkeep your fence will keep the same sleek look and shine for the lifetime of the fence. A big benefit to aluminum fencing is that is does not warp or rust!


An important benefit of aluminum fencing is that it is environmentally friendly. Aluminum does not harm the environment and is coated with an environmentally friendly outer coating. Aluminum fencing is 100% recyclable – meaning, after the lifetime of the fence it can be recycled and turned into another brand new fence. This can be done over and over again so the material doesn’t go to waste or harm the environment.


The final benefit to installing an aluminum fence is the value you are getting. When you compare the price to how long the fence will last, the safety it will provide and the elegance and value you are adding to your property, it makes the decision a no-brainer. Aluminum fencing is one of the best residential fencing options available.

Aluminum Fencing in SW Florida

Now that you are familiar with the benefits an aluminum fence you can begin your search for the right contractor to get the job done. Here at Carter Fence we have been installing aluminum fences from Tampa to Key West for the past 30 years. We are centered in Naples, Florida and primarily serve Collier, Lee and Charlotte Counties.

We will walk you through the process from job site visit to final install of your aluminum fence. When you choose us we take pride in our workmanship and final product – our #1 priority is customer satisfaction so we won’t stop until YOU are happy. Contact Carter Fence today!

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