Are You Considering Installing a Fence Around your Home?

Doing It Yourself?

If you are considering installing a fence around your property and contemplating whether you should do it yourself or hire a professional fencing contractor, you are not alone.  Everyone wants to save money!  Keep in mind, a fence installation is harder than it looks, and requires more than digging holes and setting posts.  For those unfamiliar with the procedures associated with fence installation the job can become complicated, time consuming, costly, and frustrating. There are numerous things that can go wrong causing you to go over your budget and spend an enormous amount of time installing a fence that is not what you were looking for both aesthetically and functionally. Even though the internet is filled with do it yourself blogs encouraging homeowners to tackle a fence installation, there are many advantages of hiring a professional fencing company in Southwest Florida.

Advantages of Hiring a Professional Fencing Company
Advantages of Hiring a Professional Fencing Company

What are the Advantages of Hiring

A Professional Fencing Company in Southwest Florida?

Read on to discover the top Advantages of Hiring a Professional Fencing Company

You Will Get the Right Fence for your Needs

What type of fence will best suit your needs?  You may or may not have decided which material and style of fence you want to install.  Either way, a professional fencing company can give you options based on your security, functional, privacy, aesthetic, and cost needs. Have you ever purchased something only to find it was not what you wanted or needed?  A fencing contractor can save you time and money by eliminating costly mistakes, ensuring the fence you install will be the right fence for your needs.  Fencing contractors can bring you unique ideas, and custom styles that you may not know are available or where to locate them.  Because they are experts in their field, they can provide you with options that can satisfy your security and privacy needs while enhance the beauty and value of your property.  Whether you are looking for privacy, to add security, or keep the family pet in the yard, fencing has a wide range of practical uses.  From aluminum and composite to vinyl, wood and chain link, there are a variety of options to choose from in terms of color, design, and layout.  Professionals can help you choose fence that meets all your needs.

Problems and Legal Issues will Be Prevented

A fence installation is not an easy task.  When installing a fence yourself, there is always the chance that something could go wrong with the installation. When this happens, the cost of fixing mistakes or potentially replacing the fence could make the final cost of your fence more than if you hired a professional contractor in the first place. A common mistake made by homeowners is inadvertently installing a fence on your neighbors’ property.  This can result in boundary disputes, and you may be forced to take the fence down.  If you live in a community with an HOA, chances are your HOA has rules and policies address your personal fencing options.  The right choice in fencing materials and hardware will vary significantly based on your HOA’s policies and your own personal needs. If the HOA guidelines are not followed exactly, the HOA will more than likely require that you take the fence down and install an HOA approved fence.  Installing a fence requires you address:

  • Zoning and Permits
  • Measuring the Area & Accounting for Grading
  • Marking Utility Lines and Property Lines
  • HOA Guidelines
  • Delivery and Storage of Materials
  • And More

When installing a fence yourself, there is always the chance that something could go wrong with the installation.  When this happens, the cost of fixing mistakes or potentially replacing the fence could make the final cost higher than if you hired a fencing company. Hiring a professional fencing contractor will ensure these types of problems do not occur, and your installation will be completed correctly.

Professionally Installed Fencing can Increase the Resale Value of your Home

Professionally installed fencing looks like it has been professionally installed. Fences can increase privacy, improve security, keep wildlife out, protect your pets and children, beautify your property, and increase your home’s resale value if you decide to sell your home. For residents that do not live in gated communities, a well-built perimeter fence is among the items that homebuyers want when purchasing a new home. Fencing contractors are experts in their field and will installing fencing that is not only durable and longer lasting but will also enhance curb appeal.

Quicker Installation

Established fencing companies have years of experience, trained installers, and the correct tools and equipment to install fencing quickly and correctly.  DIY installations will take substantially more time and extensive labor to complete. Additionally, experienced contractors are equipped to deal with unforeseen problems and fix them more quickly and efficiently than a homeowner. If you are installing a fence yourself, unexpected challenges will lengthen the time of the installation and possibly cost more money. Overall, if you are inexperienced with fence installation and short on time, your best option is to hire a professional.

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Advantages of Hiring a Professional Fencing Company

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You can install a fence yourself but hiring a fence contractor offers more advantages.  At Carter Fence Company, your complete satisfaction is our #1 priority.  Locally owned and operated since 1989, we have installed and repaired thousands of pool fences, backyard fences and perimeter fences at cost competitive prices in Naples and throughout Southwest Florida.  Whether you are looking for composite, vinyl, wood, chain link, or aluminum, we have the largest selection of high quality fencing materials and styles to choose from. If you are not sure what color, design or layout best suits your needs, we can help! Our team has extensive product knowledge and expertise to tailor design a fence to fit your lifestyle, needs, aesthetic requirements and budget. Offering you the finest residential fencing sales, installation, and service in Naples, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, Port Charlotte and vicinity, make the right choice and contact us at Carter Fence today.


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