Are you Looking for a Budget-Friendly Fencing Option?  A Chain Link Fence is your Solution!

Chain link fencing has been a popular fencing option for industrial and manufacturing facilities, commercial properties, high security facilities, state and local governments and many homeowners in Southwest Florida due to its strength and durability at an affordable price. Invented in 1844, chain link fencing stands the test of time, offers numerous advantages, and continues to be popular today.


Advantages of Chain Link Fencing
Advantages of Chain Link Fencing

What are the Advantages of Chain Link Fencing?

Read on to discover the 7 must read advantages of chain link fencing


One of the most durable fencing options, chain link fencing is sturdy and solid. Typically made from galvanized steel, chain link fences can be coated to prevent deterioration or weakening due to sun and rain. If damage does occur, sections can be easily matched and repaired. You will not need to replace the entire fence, saving you both time and money.

Provides Security

In addition to durability, chain link fencing provides security. This strong steel fence creates a secure barrier, preventing property breaches.  Fences can be constructed to a substantial height, up to 20 feet. Commonly used in high security facilities, additional deterrents, such as barbed wire, can be added to prevent climbing. The see through nature of chain link allows you a view to the other side, allowing you to see if anyone is prowling around giving you the opportunity to call for help or investigate before they try to breech the fence. In addition to commercial use, chain link fences are a great choice for dog kennels, dog runs and backyards, keeping kids and pets safe.


In comparison to other fencing materials, chain link is incredibly affordable. It works well if you need to fence in a large area, and don’t have the budget for other materials. If you are budget conscious, a chain link fence is a great choice.

Long Lasting

One of the many benefits of chain link fencing is its longevity. Chain Link fences made with galvanized steel can last up to 25 years or more.

A Good Choice for Hurricane Prone Areas

When selecting fencing material in Florida, many home and business owners wonder which products are best suited to withstand wind and rain. While a wooden fence may offer privacy, it has the risk of being knocked down during strong winds and storms. Chain link fences have a woven steel diamond pattern that helps them withstand the wind and rain from a hurricane, hence the name, “cyclone fence.” Because the wind goes through a chain link fence, it is one of the most durable fences in the face of a tropical storm or hurricane

Low Maintenance

Cleaning a chain link fence is easy!  Thanks to vinyl, aluminum, or galvanized coatings, it won’t rot or rust. Some other fencing materials require regular maintenance, cleaning, and repairs. Not a chain link fence. It is important to clean it regularly due to dirt and grass accumulating on the fence. If your fence is just a little dirty, using your hose on a high power setting may be all you need to do. For areas that are tougher, soapy water or a mixture of borax and water will clean stubborn areas

Fast and Easy Installation

Compared to other fencing materials, chain link can be installed much quicker. If you have a time constraint and want your property enclosed quickly, a chain link fence is a great option.

Advantages of Chain Link Fencing
Advantages of Chain Link Fencing

Strength and Durability at an Affordable Price

For More Information about the Advantages of Chain Link Fencing, Contact Carter Fence Company

Now that you are familiar with the advantages of chain link fencing you can begin your search for the right contractor to get the job done. Here at Carter Fence we have been installing chain link fences for over 30 years. Having done work for sport complexes, commercial properties, industrial properties, government agencies and residential properties throughout Southwest Florida, we are confident that we can provide you with the exceptional service, and outstanding workmanship you deserve. From installation to replacement, whatever your chain fencing needs are, we can help. With thousands of satisfied customers and an abundance of positive reviews, we are one of the best and most respected fencing contractors in Southwest Florida. When you choose Carter Fence Company to install your chain link fence, we will walk you through the entire process from job site visit to final installation.  Our #1 priority is customer satisfaction, so we won’t stop until YOU are happy.  Contact us today!

Chain Link Fences are Great for:

  • High Security Facilities
  • Industrial Properties
  • Jails and Penitentiaries
  • Landfills and Dumpster Areas
  • Military Establishments
  • Neighborhoods & Communities
  • Outdoor Storage Facilities
  • Parking Lots
  • Playgrounds, Public Parks & Water Parks
  • Public Land, Parks and Zoos
  • Residential Properties
  • Schools, Daycare & College Campuses
  • Senior Living Facilities
  • Stadiums, Tennis Courts, Baseball Diamonds & Sports Parks
  • And Much More

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